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Kompor Soto Muka Stove Multifuel



Soto Muka Stove Multifuel 2nd

Made in Japan

Output:4,000 kcal/h 4,650 W 15,800 BTU

Applicable fuel:Unleaded gasoline and white gasoline

Duration:Burns approx. 56 min. at maximum output using 480ml (16.3 oz.)car gasoline.

Weight:164g (5.7 oz.) without pump, 333g (11.8 oz.) including the pump.

The Muka Stove has revolutionized common understanding of a gasoline stove’s characteristics such as becoming dirty with soot, cumbersome preheating, and maintenance before and after use. This gas stove combines a reliable, powerful outputand ease of care. Muka is not a simple gasoline stove but the next generation of stove. Includes hose, pump, maintenance tool and a carrying case. Wide mouth
Fuel Bottle sold separatery.


Kompor Soto Muka Stove

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Kompor Soto Muka Stove


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